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There’s also a lot to me other than therapy, which I hope to let you discover over time through this blog. Therapy is; however, my passion, and with this, something that I want to be able to share with you all. 


Full disclosure: I’m dyslexic. Naturally, this makes it harder for me to write but I enjoy it! And I want to get better at it. You’ll have to forgive me if there are some mistakes. 


In a world of written information, it definitely doesn’t always feel friendly to a dyslexic like myself. So with this blog, I’d like to share information with you in a simple, easy and friendly way. I’ll unpack research papers, review self-help books, review how therapists are portrayed in film and tv (hopefully to let people know what is OK and not OK), talk through my favorite topics such as Shame, Depression, Anxiety etc. Suggestions are also welcome! I get very excited about helping people through their tough times, and there’s a lot of information out there that could help!


 Although these blog posts do not replace therapy, I hope that they bring you a little snippet of something useful, whether that is a thought, an opening to a discussion, a potential strategy, a book suggestion - whatever it could be for you.

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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